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StayFresh™ BigBag Case (50 Bags)


30 day low release ClO2 technology  to eliminate organic based odors and provide ongoing  cleansing action for confined spaces such as rooms, vehicles  and refrigeration equipment..

StayFresh™ Big Bag does the biggest odor and cleaning jobs in the toughest environments. Big Bag wipes out odors caused by bacteria and decaying material. Big Bag can be used in many applications. The Big Bag aids in keeping surfaces clean in HVAC systems and condensing drain lines. BigBag is a great complementary product that can be used with dehumidifiers or other moisture-absorbing products. StayFresh™ Big Bag is manufactured to come in three sizes; Big Bag XL, Big Bag, Big Bag Mini. The product is designed to be used for up to 60 days.