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AirRX Inc.

The Right Prescription for your Air

Who are we?


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John Doe

Founder & CEO

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AirRX, Inc. is founded to bring a paradigm shift using proven and potent state-of-the-art technology to dramatically reduce cross contamination by airborne and surface pathogens and easing the concerns of workers and guests.

This air and surface solution has it's roots and foundation through the use of Chlorine dioxide, A powerful oxidizer, used for decades in water treatment, food handing industry, and various other enterprises. New innovation in the installation and delivery of this product have made it effective and safe.

Our team of specialists come from a diverse background in Emergency Medical Services, Hazardous Material Response Teams, and Industrial Hygiene. We are committed to assist public safety agencies, the Hotel/Motel industry and all other work settings in the implementation of this powerful platform of air and surface cleaning, deodorizing, while eradicating biological organisms.

All Products are Made in the USA.